Andre Mähringer

Andre Mähringer
PhD student

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Two-dimensional metal-organic frameworks (2D MOFs) are crystalline and porous materials consisting of rigid organic building blocks which are interconnected through square-planar coordinating metal-ions, forming 2D extended sheets. The self-organization of these sheets yields a highly ordered layered materials featuring defined pore sizes and shapes. The combination of the well-defined molecular stacks with electrical conductivity renders 2D MOFs as intriguing candidates for optoelectronic applications. The implantation of this class of material into diverse device types requires the growth 2D MOFs as thin films on different substrates. Control over the growth process with regards to the film coverage, roughness and crystal orientation is of paramount importance for the realization of MOF-based functional devices.


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Method for producing a metal organic framework film, metal organic framework film and use of a metal organic framework film
Andre Mähringer, Julian M. Rotter and Dana D. Medina. WO2020157051, Priority data 19154149.1 29.01.19 EP.