Niklas Keller

Niklas Keller
Postdoctoral researcher

Tel: 089-2180-77608

Covalent organic frameworks (COFs) have attracted much interest for applications such as gas storage, photo-catalysis and photoelectricity. The capability of tailoring their framework structure on a molecular basis is combined with the robust network and structural order of crystalline materials. The tuneability of their conducting nature, the intriguing charge separation properties and charge carrier mobility through the π-stacked columns of the COF layers set the focus of research on electroactive COFs as active material in photovoltaic devices.
Therefore, it is of great interest to develop new photoactive molecular building blocks in order to achieve frameworks with suitable features for photovoltaic devices. Optical and electrochemical characterization of these molecules will help to identify promising building blocks which will then be incorporated into the final COF.