Daniel Böhm

Daniel Böhm
PhD student
E-Mail: daniel.boehm@cup.lmu.de

Tel: 089-2180-77604

Work is done on the development and characterization of novel transition metal oxide catalysts and morphologies for the kinetically demanding oxygen evolution reaction (OER) in the water splitting process. Concerning electrolysis under acidic conditions it is the task to reduce the noble metal content of the catalyst and the necessary overpotential for the reaction for a given current density. Therefore novel synthesis procedures are applied for the preparation of nanosized mixed oxide particles and nanostructured electrodes with high surface area by different templating approaches. Synthesized nanoparticles can further be combined with corrosion resistant and conductive oxide scaffold materials to obtain oxide supported OER catalysts with enhanced electrochemical performance and stability. It is assumed that both strategies have a positive influence on the mass transport properties and kinetics of the OER reaction of the electrode.