Michael Beetz

PhD student

Tel: 089-2180-77625


(1) Colloidal Plasmonic Nanostar Antennas with Wide Range Resonance Tunability, T. V. Tsoulos, S. Atta, M. J. Lagos, M. Beetz, P. E. Batson, G. Tsilomelekis, and L. Fabris, Nanoscale, 2019.

(2) Understanding the role of AgNO3 concentration and seed morphology in the achievement of tunable shape control in gold nanostars, S. Atta, M. Beetz and L. Fabris, Nanoscale, 2019. [link]

(3) Carbon-templated conductive oxide supports for oxygen evolution catalysis, A. G. Hufnagel, S. Häringer, M. Beetz, B. Böller, D. Fattakhova-Rohlfing and T. Bein, Nanoscale, 2019. [link]

(4) Solvatochromic covalent organic frameworks, L. Ascherl, E. W. Evans, M. Hennemann, D. D. Nuzzo, A. G. Hufnagel, M.Beetz, R. H. Friend, T. Clark, T. Bein and F. Auras, Nat. Commun., 2018. [link]

(5) Accelerated fuel cell tests of anodic Pt/Ru catalyst via identical location TEM: New aspects of degradation behavior, K. Hengge, T. Gänsler, E. Pizzutilo, C. Heinzl, M. Beetz, K.J.J. Mayrhofer, C. Scheu, Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, 2017. [link]

(6) Titanium Doping and Its Effect on the Morphology of Three-Dimensional Hierarchical Nb3O7(OH) Nanostructures for Enhanced Light-Induced Water Splitting, S.B. Betzler, F. Podjaski, M. Beetz, K. Handloser, A. Wisnet, M. Handloser, A. Hartschuh, B.V. Lotsch and C. Scheu, Chem. Mater., 2016. [link]

Book chapter:

(1) The Chemistry of Metal–Organic Frameworks: Synthesis, Characterization, and ApplicationsMichael Beetz, Andreas Zimpel, Stefan Wuttke. [link]