Bachelor’s / Master’s Theses and Research Internships

For more information on writing your Bachelor’s thesis or on a research internship position,
please contact a Ph.D. group member directly.

 PhD and Postdoc Positions

If you are interested in joining our research group for writing your Master’s thesis or want
to apply for a PhD or a postdoctoral position, please contact Prof. Bein.


Master’s Theses

We are currently looking for Master Theses with the following topics:

Overhaul and Calibration of a Quartz-Crystal Microbalance

You will analyse, document and modify an already existing QCM device. Mechanical parts of the device have to be renewed and inserted into the already existing LabView code. You will also synthesize and characterize specific samples for calibration of the QCM device.

– Independent work
– Computer knowledge (Backup of hard disk drives)
– Technical understanding
– LabView knowledge