Andreas Weis

Andreas Weis
PhD Student

Tel: 089-2180-77617


Lead-based hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites have established themselves as revolutionary semiconductor materials for photovoltaic applications with efficiencies exceeding 25%, despite being very cheap and fast to produce by simple solution processing. Nonetheless, the central, highly toxic Pb atom hampers widespread commercial applications, furthermore slowed down by the inherent instability of these materials in ambient atmosphere.

My research focuses on designing and characterising new photovoltaic materials based on the same ns2 electronic configuration of the Pb2+ atom, studying thin film formation, electronic and optical characteristics and device performance by means of theoretical and experimental approaches to overcome the problems of regular Pb-based perovskites while retaining their optoelectronic properties.



Formation of Stable 2D Methylammonium Antimony Iodide Phase for Lead-Free Perovskite-Like Solar Cells, Nadja Giesbrecht*, Andreas Weis*, Thomas Bein, J. Phys. Energy 2020 [link]