Sebastian Häringer

Sebastian Häringer
PhD student

Tel: 089-2180-77808

Nowadays, the sustainable use of resources and energy is one of the big challenges of society. Here, the development of new and more efficient energy materials can make a major contribution. The efficient conversion and transmission of energy is always highly dependent on the interface between the different materials. An attractive method to engineer the interface is the deposition of thin films. Atomic layer deposition (ALD) enables the highest control over thickness and composition among common film deposition techniques. The successful protection of photoactive materials and the application of sub-nanometer noble-metal oxide catalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction is one target of my current research. The synthesis and creation of conductive and oxidation-stable
nanostructures by several established techniques is also an important part of my work. The physical and optical properties of these new materials are characterized by a wide range of techniques available in our working-group.